The buyer for your home might be the couple a few blocks away who have been waiting for a house just like yours. A family relocating to Mallorca from his companys home office in England, Germany or Sweden. Or she might be coming home after a two year global contract.

Whoever your buyer is, we will find them. We fish where the buyers are.


When you do something over and over again you become rather good at it. Luxury Villas Mallorca has been facilitating property transactions for international buyers for decades. We know what you need to know, who you need to know and what you need to do to make your purchase run smoothly. Luxury Villas Mallorca´s global network of third party professionals includes the financial, taxation and experts you might need to work with, as well as interior designers, architects and tradespeople with top tier credentials. If you want to rebuild, redesign or just make your new home ‘you’ before you arrive, we can manage the entire process for you.

A lot of agencies offer “concierge services”. Luxury Villas Mallorca offers significantly more.

Moreover, as one of Mallorcas most experienced and successful property agencies, we have the local property knowledge that will ensure your purchase is optimally responsive to your immediate needs and long term goals.


Not everyone who is relocating to Mallorca will buy here. The property management division of Luxury Villas Mallorca is a full service division able to manage everything from sourcing to removalists – a one stop shop, if you will, that will make your arrival in Mallorca as easy as it can be.

Our network includes financial, taxation and immigration experts. Painters, removalists and designers. Tradespeople, internet and home entertainment services providers. Even cleaners. By the time you land in Mallorca, your new home can be ready for you. Just unpack the suitcases you flew with and begin your new life here.

Most importantly, we have local knowledge in abundance. We have what it takes to find your perfect match – the home that answers the needs of you and your family precisely. We can even help you find the right school for your children near to your new home.

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